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Home in Pelagiad with easy access to South Wall of Pelagiad Fort for services.

Permissions and credits
Mistletoe Manor
Version 1.5
By Crankgorilla
December 2014

A home in Pelagiad against the wall of the castle. Access to the castle is provided from within the home for resupply and trade. A temple shrine is also nearby for restoration of stats and cures for disease and blight. Travel to Pelagiad and trade for the ring that will grant access to the home from Mebestine Ence.

Features include animated chests and cupboards. An alchemists lab. A bedroom. Kitchen and now an area with a desk.  Prime location and access direct to the south wall of Pelagiad castle. A return home ring is included. No landscape adjustments. Furnished. Efficiency is key with this home and much in game testing has been had. All storage options fitted within the one cell. It also has a convenient vault with high storage to store things upon using return home ring. So you can load up, warp back, then dump all your gear in the within reach vault for later storage and sorting. Added sound effects to the animated chests and cupboards. Added something to store meat in. Removed outside clutter that may have hurt FPS. Added a script to stove for cooking chicken. Did a bit of decor adjustment. Added a washbasin scripted to use Sload Soap. Fixed the overlapping book pile storage. Added some shelving. Adjusted the building layout to fix exterior layout (new entrance area). Changed the acquisition of the home and gave the ring to a local trader to sell (Mebestine Ence).

Purchase the ring to gain access to the home. In the stairwell you will find key hooks with the key that will unlock the doors.

*If upgrading from version 1.4 you may have to move your gear out then back in again. Check everything is in order before you save and always
make multiple backups of your save game.

- Pelagiad 0,-8 (No landscape adjustments)
- Pelagiad, Mistletoe Manor
- Pelagiad, South Wall

Credits (A folder is included with all the README files of resources used.)

Special thanks to all these artists

- Animated chests from Phaedrus' Openable (and Closeable) Chests
- Adele's furniture conversion by Adele Messenger Bouricius
- Kag Frog by

- Ring by Wulfgar

- Containers! By Danae
- QF_Furniture by bob196045 and Silgrad Tower
- Jewellery Box by The Wanderer wl_bottles-n-jars

- Kfoy Firefungus by Kieran's Creations
- Chicken by Cait

Items Miscellaneous
- Pillows from PillowsPlus v1.0 by Michelle, a.k.a. Truthsnark
- Miscellaneous Tapestries and Paintings Pack by Korana

- Bedframe by Adele
- Stove and fireplace by the Rubberman
- Furn_G_Tapestry by....
- Queen endtables by Shannon/Parsimonious
- Rugs by Clavis KEY Rugs
- Mosaic by Clavis KEY Medallions
- Flowers by Clavis KEY Plants

Version 1.4

- Fixed stone wall end piece that had been missing/moved in cell outside manor.

Version 1.5

- Fixed door exit grab.
- Removed boxes from back of home.
- Moved doorway in South Wall to fit in better with layout/location of fort interior.
- Made front steps more user friendly and smooth to run up.


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