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Added: 13/11/2014 - 05:17AM
Updated: 03/07/2017 - 02:15PM

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Last updated at 14:15, 3 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 5:17, 13 Nov 2014

This mod adds a female Redguard named Jasmine who will join you in your adventures provided you do her a favor first. I wrote most of her dialogue to revolve around the Main Quest (MQ), so those not doing it will miss out on quite a bit of the mod. She does have her own backstory and a few quests that you'll be able to participate in should you keep her around.

This mod uses Grumpy's companion template and scripting system - updated and improved by Melian - that includes companion leveling, levitation ability, warping and water breathing. Jasmine can be played by any level character at any stage of the Main Quest, but it is perferable to find her before you start the MQ.


If you're having trouble finding Sason, check out the UESP article on him.

In version 1.12, I introduced a telepathy ring similiar to what Kateri's Julan mod uses. She will not give you the ring until you have a global reputation of three or greater. Once you do, talk to her to get the ring.

As of 2.7, Jasmine will only focus on her scouting skills:

Majors: Light Armor, Marksman, Restoration, Block, Long Blade.

Minors: Sneak, Unarmored, Medium Armor, Short Blade, Athletics.

She will also teleport with you if you use Recall or one of the Teleportation spells.

As of 2.5, Jasmine will now swap places with you if you ask her to take my place under her "change what you're doing" topic.