Marvin The Friendly Cliff Racer by Marvin The Friendly Cliff Racer
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Adds Marvin, a friendly Cliff Racer "Merchant" (He only buys things, he has nothing to sell), who also offers travel service, to: Balmora, Aldruhn, and Vivec. More places to come!

Some bio:
Marvin is a cliff racer, born in the grand city of Cliffopolis. He was born to a relitivly poor family (His father, Marvin, His mother, Marvin, and his brother, Marvin), and when the great Cliffracer Crash of '09 happened, his family found itself severed from the Hive Mind. His parents, like many others of his kind, had resorted to banditry, attacking wandering adventerers for mere septims. Yet Martin know better. He became a merchant, a wandering trader flying between Balmora, Vivec and Ald Ruhn. Eventually, he decided to settle down, live his life in Balmora with his lovley Cliffracer wife, and his cliff racer children (Marvin, Marvin, and Marvin respectively). But eventually, the Cliffracer family fell on hard times, and Marvin was forced back into mercantilism.