Breaker of Chains - Free almost all slaves by spanktastic2120
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Added: 17/08/2014 - 11:52AM
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Last updated at 11:52, 17 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 11:52, 17 Aug 2014

This mod allows you to free any* slave by damaging their slave bracers until they break.

Slaves will not attack if you cast a disintegrate armor spell on them, and each casting will increase their disposition with you. Once their bracers break just tell them to go free. But once freed the disintegrate spell will cause them to attack again. Disintegrate armor spells you use on slaves are still seen as hostile to other NPCs though, so if any nearby ones care enough to defend a slave they will try to attack you.

Freeing slaves this way results in the same outcomes as freeing them with a key.

* technically this only works on slaves with the "slaveScript" script attached to them. Which is almost all except for a select few involved in quests. Some slaves did not have any (or an incorrect) script attached to them, and this mod will allow you to free those ones too.

This does not affect cattle except for one of the female khajiit cattle that was using the slave script instead of the cattle script. You cannot free cattle.

This should only conflict with things that modify the "slaveScript" script.