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Last updated at 14:57, 28 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 12:20, 10 Aug 2014

Completely overhauls every aspect of Armor from weight to AR. Some of the features include -

    - AR ranges are modified. Light armor from 5 to 40, Medium armor ranges from 15 to 60 and Heavy Armor ranges from 20 to 80.

    - 7 Game Settings ( iCuirassWeight, iBootsWeight, iPauldronWeight, iGreavesWeight, iShieldWeight, fLightMaxMod and fMedMaxMod ) have been altered. This was done to give greater variety in weight for Medium and Light armors.

    - Generally Heavy Armor are more durable and have higher AR, but are also more heavy. Light Armors have low durability but are , obviously, light.
    - Ultraexpensive armors like Daedric, Glass, Ebony, Ice etc have reasonable costs. For example, in Vanilla Daedric cuirass cost 70,000, but now it costs 11,250. Expensive but not ridiculously expensive.

    - Armor Artifacts remain unaltered except for weight which had to be modified to correctly assign Weight Category.

    - Makes generic enchanted Armor's stats follow the unenchanted versions of the armor.
    - Bound Weapons have equivalent weight of Daedric but has Feather enchantment, so they should still have zero weight. This was done to make Bound Armor fall into Heavy Armor category.

    - Moves the 'Left'/'Right' to the end of armor names, i.e "Chitin Left Pauldron" is now "Chitin Pauldron Left" and so on.

    - Feather Shield, Shield of Light and Velothi's Shield are made Chitin Towershield, Netch Towershield and Chitin Shield respectively from Steel shield. ( from MPP fixes )

    - Bonemold and Orcish Pauldrons have had their 'ForeArm' part and Bonemold pauldrans have had their 'ForeArm' and 'UpperArm' parts assigned ( from MPP fixes )

    - Alternate version which includes Left gloves mods by Lurlock & Alaisiagae. So now, left bracers, gauntlets and Pauldrons have correct ground mesh and icons.

    - Cost and Ingredient requirements for Custom Armors of Adamantium, Ebony, Glass, Snow Bear and Snow Wolf armors have been altered to reflect the changes in cost and weights.

See the html files included for detailed changes

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