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Added: 06/08/2014 - 03:53AM
Updated: 23/06/2015 - 03:33AM

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Last updated at 3:33, 23 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 3:53, 6 Aug 2014

The idea from the mod came to me while working on my Census and Excise Quarters mod. I noticed that most imperial guards did not have a place to stay and that the battlements of the imperial forts were rather empty. This mod rectifies this and also randomizes the imperial guards. This mod’s features include:

  • Randomized imperial guards and archers by face, race, and gender. Imperial males are still the most likely guards to appear, but other guards will appear as well.
  • Guards now called Imperial Guards. Imperial guards in the game used to simply be called “Guard”. This mod changes their name to Imperial Guard. This way their title is more specific to the type of guard they are.
  • Adds more imperial soldiers and archers to imperial forts. They always did look poorly defended to me.
  • Expanded quarters for imperial soldiers. Vanilla Morrowind never had large enough quarters for the imperial soldiers. This is even more noticeable with the new archers and soldiers I added. This mod will include my Census and Excise Office Quarters mod.
  • Minor tweaks to the inventories of guards and few NPCs. It never made sense to me that Larrius Varro with his  two-handed weapon still carried a shield and that Calcortius Albuttian, the second highest ranking member of the legion, was wearing the regular guard armor instead of the high ranking templar armor. This mod corrects these things and also adds restore health potions to imperial guards.
  • A patch for Necessities of Morrowind is included with the mod.