TR-Morag Tong Integration by Aoimevelho
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Added: 30/07/2014 - 12:29PM
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Last updated at 19:56, 5 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 12:29, 30 Jul 2014

Out of 12 vanilla Morag Tong quests 7 send the player around Vivec. Boring, isn't it? Now Morag Tong masters will send you to the mainland instead (except for the very 1st MT quest and the one when you need to kill a guy who lives in his manor in Vivec).

NPCs moved:
Ethal Seloth and Idroso Vendu - Llothanis, The Water's Shadow Tavern
guril retheran - Tel Mothrivra, The Glass Goblet
galasa uvayn - Firewatch, The Howling Noose: Basement
Mavon Drenim - Port Telvannis, Ilneram Manor
Mathyn Bemis, Arven Nalyn, Broris Fals, Nurisea Selarys - Helnim, Slums: Supplies and Provisions Shack

Journal entries and dialogs are updated as well.

There are 2 ESPs:
-TR_MoragTong-Integration.ESP - 2 new NPCs in Sadrith Mora and Vos will take you to the mainland. 
-TR_MoragTong-Integration_NoTravel.ESP - no travel option.