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Lotus Moon is a house mod with a kitchen/dining room, bedroom, washroom, alchemy room, training room/armory, basement, servant's quarters... and a secret.

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House mod - Lotus Moon - by Liramei

Lotus Moon is located in the Ascadian Isles just outside of Vivec, a short walk from the Strider or boat. From the strider, turn left, go to the boat, cross the bridges, and you will be at Lotus Moon!

There are many bottomless containers for all the items you might acquire during play. Some are even labeled for easier sorting, and so you'll never forget where you've put something!

Featuring a spacious living room with a well-stocked bookshelf and cozy chairs, a warm and well-stocked kitchen and dining room (complete with your very own housekeeper), a large bedroom with a healing shrine and a writing desk, a washroom with a deep bathing pool and a laundry basin, a room for alchemical endeavors and storage, a training and display room, complete with a first aid station, an armorer's workbench, and space for your own mannequins (not included), a basement with even MORE storage, and a room for Sadri, your housekeeper.

Lotus Moon is also a house with a secret. Can you figure out what it is?

Too difficult to upload images here: for a bigger preview, look at the imgur album here:

Over 70+ hours spent building!
Includes one .esp file zipped into a .rar file. Most of you will know how to install these by now, it is very simple. Extract the .esp file into your Data Files folder (wherever you have installed Morrowind, there you will find the Data Files folder) and when you launch the game, click Data Files and click the checkbox next to Lotus Moon's file name.

Update: Cleaned some dirty references, thank you all for your feedback! I believe the mod is as clean as it can be now, please do inform me if you find anything else!
Update to 1.2: Minor issue from 1.1 - I realized I had accidentally left a copy of the shell exterior hidden in the living room, so I removed that. That is the only change, and unless you opened it up in the construction kit you'd never notice, so if you are already playing with 1.1 there is really no need to change your file version. For new downloads, though, go for 1.2.