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Faster projectiles and/or magic missiles, higher recovery chance, weightless arrows. Pick and choose.

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All modules also affect the NPCs, so expect the game to be a bit more challenging.

Faster Projectiles
The speed of arrows and bolts is 2.4 times higher.
Throwing stars and throwing knives are 20% faster.

fProjectileMaxSpeed 7200 (3000)
fProjectileMinSpeed 960 (400)
fThrownWeaponMaxSpeed 1200 (1000)
fThrownWeaponMinSpeed 360 (300)

Recovery Chance
You recover 80% of the projectiles that hit the target.

fProjectileThrownStoreChance 80 (25)

Faster Magic Missiles
The velocity of all on target spells is now 20% higher.

fTargetSpellMaxSpeed 1200 (1000)

Skyrim Style Weapons
All arrows and bolts have 0 weight, and the damage range has been added to the name, the same way "Show Ammo Damage" in SmartMerger does it.
For darts, stars and throwing knives I created a spreadsheet based on minimal internet research. Basically I used information in what weight range a real counterpart would be, and forced TES materials into that. Mostly it just means reduced weight.
The big exception are the throwing knives that are now roughly twice as heavy, but deal double the original damage. The damage change is partly to compensate for the added weight, and because it made no sense to me that a knife does less damage than a dart...

Arrows and bolts don't weigh anything. Darts, stars and throwing knives have been fudged about with a weighting table.

All Modules
All of the above merged into one plugin. You don't need any of the other plugins if you decided to use this one.

known issues:
Items without weight hide their value. I don't know of any workaround.