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Last updated at 22:18, 15 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 22:18, 15 Jul 2014

Carryable light sources are tweaked to be equivalent to the True Torches mod for Skyrim.

MGE XE highly recommended.

Light radius is 3x for torches, and 2x for lanterns and candles.
Burn time is ~3.5x for torches, ~5x for lanterns, and ~8.5x for candles.
Torch weight is 0.5 with a value of 1-2.
Lantern weight is 1-1.5 with a value of 10-12.
The weight of candles I fudged based on material and size, somewhere between 0.25 for a ceramic single stick and 1.5 for a silver candelabra.

A good torch lights up an area of 78 feet for 12 minutes.
A good (travel) lantern lights up an area of 52 feet for 18 minutes.
Most candles light up an area of 26 feet for 21 minutes.