Thieves Guild Fences (dealers) by Melchior Dahrk
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Mirroring some of my mods from PlanetElderScrolls

First, let me clear something up. Fences are people who deal in stolen and illegal goods (not that thing out in your yard). A la Oblivion Fences

I always thought that Morrowind needed some good Fences in the thieves guild. They had pawnbrokers before but they had almost no barter gold and they wouldn't buy moon sugar or skooma from you.
Now three NPCs have been changed to Fences they have 1000 gold and trade in all items. I also added a "my trade" dialogue just so it would fit better with the rest of Morrowind. The NPCs that have been altered are: Sottilde, Both gro-Durog, and Allding.
I placed Sottilde's code book in a locked box next to her. Added a script and altered some dialogue so that she wouldn't sell it to you and so that the Fighters Guild quest to get the book would still work.