Wearable Piercing and Earrings for MacKom's Heads by Aoimevelho
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Last updated at 13:48, 16 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 20:45, 11 Jul 2014

Changes in 1.1:
- new earrings added (to go along with my "Dunmer Noblewomen Hairstyles" mod);
- earrings and piercing are now sold by traders.

After update please delete obsolete KDPiercing.ESP

I've always believed that piercing should be an important part of Dunmeri culture (especially after reading about the ringmail of Alandro Sul, which sadly wasn't implemented in game). So, while waiting for MacKom to finish his Dunmer head replacer, I converted Kafeids' piercing models, originally made for Oblivion, to Morrowind. I've adjusted them to MacKom's heads.
There are 6 piercing styles, in gold and silver, separate for left and right ears.

I've also took parts of Kafeid's circlets and made them into feminine earrings with gems, 8 in total.

Also I created several new earrings to go along with my "Dunmer Noblewomen Hairstyles" mod.

All piercing fit to elven (and orcish) ears. 
Those piercing models, which are located at ear lobe, and all feminine earrings fit humans as well.

All of them are set up as pauldrons.

You can buy piercing and earrings from various traders:
- Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun, Urshilaku, Zainad traders;
- Balmora - Clagius Clanler and Dralasa Nytrion;
- Ald-Ruhn - Malpenix Blonia and Daynes Redothril;
- Mournhold - Sunel Hlas;
- Suran - Ranosa Gilvayn;

The stuff is added by leveled lists so it will appear randomly, cheaper piercing - more frequently. So if you didn't find the particular model you want - either wait for 72 hours when leveled

lists are reset, or visit another trader.
Ashlander traders sell only silver and sometimes gold piercing.

Also earrings and piercing are added to MW leveled lists, so you have a chance to find it among some loot or in rich houses.

MCP with enabled bump mapping
Don't forget to use a leveled list merger since this mod changes leveled lists.

Most models are working only with heads by MacKom.