Kafeid's Circlets by Aoimevelho
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Added: 11/07/2014 - 07:36PM
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I converted Kafeid's circlets models, originally made for Oblivion, to Morrowind. I've adjusted them to MacKom's heads, but they can be worn with some other heads meshes.

All of them are set up as pauldrons.

There are 2 ESP files:

-KDCirclets.ESP - adds circlets to leveled lists. Also the circlets can be bought from a pawnbroker in Balmora and from the trader in Mornhold (he sells more ornate and expensive circlets).

-KDCirclets_Resource.ESP - only adds them into CS as resourse.

MCP with enabled bump mapping
If you use the version which modifies leveled lists, don't forget to use a leveled list merger as well.

Known issues:
Clipping with some heads is possible