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Hold it (updted TR addon)
By Danae

What the mod does:

It adds some pauldons, shields and lanterns that look like common household items to npcs (pacific, non-scripted and not blocked npcs, 50% chance to get an item).


  • Unzip in your Data file folder
  • Activate the esp(s) of the esp. in the data files option of the launcher. You can choose between the following:
- Hold it - replacer.esp : This is the base esp. It gives vanilla npc random items based on class and sex via leveled lists. Also adds 5 abandoned babies in front of temples in Balmora, Suran, Gnisis, Ald-ruhn and on front of the Skyrim Mission in Ebonheart.
It is required for all the following addons:
- Hold it – SF npc addon : OPTIONAL randomly gives items to the npc added by Starfire’s mod Starfire’s NPC addition.
Do not use if you don’t have Starfire’s mod activated.
- Hold it – MCA8 addon : OPTIONAL randomly give items to npcs added by Morrowind comes Alive (v8.0) by Neoptolemus. Adds new MCA related items (baskets, backpacks, lutes) to the Hold it level lists. Requires MCA.esm to run.
- Hold it – NOM addon : OPTIONAL randomly gives items to NOM npcs. Adds new NoM relted items to the hold it leveled lists. Requires Necessities of Morrowind 3.0.
- Hold it – COM addon : OPTIONAL randomly gives items to COM children. When a kid of offered a gift, they will hold it unless they already holding something else. Adds new CoM related items to the Hold it level lists. Requires MWChildren_1_0.esm
- Hold it - TR addon: OPTIONAL randomely give items to TR npcs. Adds new TR related items to the Hold it leveled lists. Requires TR_Data.esm, TR_main.esp (August 2014 release)
HOTFIX mekirbyish fixed the filepaths to mirror the changes in the latest TR version, find it HERE
- Hold it - Resources: only adds a barrel in Pelagiad's tavern with all the Hold it items with the exception or those made from TR, CoM, NoM or MCA meshes.
- H.E.L.L.U.V.A. Handy Holdables: Randomely adds the Hold it items to traders. Requires HE.L.L.U.V.A. Merchant containers.esm
- Hold it - Dreamers: Gives Hold it items to Dreamers, requires Aoimevelho's Dreamer Expension.

Important: remember to merge level lists (using TESTool, wrye mash, or tes3cmd for example)

Detailed content of the mod:

Important note: if you choose to give the lantern items to an npc or companion, they will display the said lantern only in some dark surroundings or outside during nighttime. The shields items will always be displayed unless the npc has a better defense without shield or with one he already possesses.

Items added with specific addons will be randomly given to vanilla npcs as long as the addon and the esp/esm it relies on is enabled.

  • Lantern items:
Babies (!), Basket, Daedric banner, ash statue, fish, bucket, small chest, piece of folded cloth, drum, flower, shiny globe, gold coins, hourglass, incense burner, iron pan, kettle, loot bag, piece of scrap metal, mortar, parchment, pie, pitcher, platter, quill, skull, wooden staff, Daedric staff, glass staff, tankard, bath towel.
  • TR lantern items:
Nails, scales and hackle-lo pipe
  • CoM lantern items:
Lollipop, teddy bear
  • NoM lantern items:
Apple pie, food platter, red teapot, string of sausages.
  • Shields items:
fish, bone, bottle, loaf of bread, broom, Bath salts, folded cloth, coda flower, fishing rod, flask, blue flower, yellow flower, book, hammer, coat hanger, hourglass, iron pan, kettle, lute, piece of scrap metal, parchment, pitcher, potion, quill, rolling pin, sack, scroll, muck shovel, Soap, soul gem, wooden staff, Daedric staff, glass staff
  • CoM shield items:
A candy, A cookie, An Azura doll, 4 fairy tales books, A nix hound toy
  • TR shield items:
A black rose, a brush, a cookie, a guar toy, a hackle-lo pipe, a rope, a bottle of wine, a broom, a lute, a shovel.
  • NoM shield items:
Cookie, onion, kagouti skewer.
  • Back Basket items filled with: cloth, corkbulbs, Kwama Eggs, Fish, flowers, hay, logs, pillows, bottles or nothing.
  • NOM Back Baskets filled with apples, grapes, hay.
  • TR Back Baskets filled with: bettle parts, dry fish
  • Handbaskets:empty, alchemy supplies, bread, clothing, golden kanet, kitchenwares, sewing material, logs, writing supplies
  • CoM handbasket: toys and candies
  • NoM handbaskets: juice ans oranges, muffins and bread
  • TR handbaskets: TR clothing, Tr flasks, bathroom supplies

Version history:


Original release

Added spiked club, miner’s pick, spyglass, lock pick, crossbow and ebony
Completed the read me (credits section)

Tweaked some meshes for a better fit
Couple of typos corrected
Created a shield replacer
Added the Daedric banner and the ash statue
Tweaked the replacer
Completely reworked the replacer making use of leveled list for greater randomness and avoided giving the items to hostile npcs.
Created optional addons for MCA 5.2 and Starfire’s NPC addition (1.11) and NOM (2.13)
Tweaked the value of all items (now 1g), gave the lantern items a black light, reduced the health of shields items to 1 (they’re not meant to fight with after all)
Added an addon for Children of Morrowind as well as the following items: an apple, a candy, an azura doll, an nix hound toy, 4 fairy tales books and a cookie.
Added an addon for Tamriel Rebuilt, maps 1 and 2 as well as the following items: a black rose, a brush, a cookie, a guar toy, a hackle-lo pipe, a rope, a bottle of wine, a pot of nails.
Added new icons for a number of items, tweaked the level lists.
Updated the NoM and MCA addons to reflect changes in the latest versions of these 2 mods.
Added new items (food platter, red teapot, sausages, onion braid, kagouti skewer, wooden bowl, shopping baskets.
Redid icons to give them transparency,
New items: the back basket, carried on the back and the hand baskets
New TR items: broom, lute and shovel
Optimised meshes
1 new optional esp, courtesy of Fliggerty: a H.E.L.L.U.V.A.patch.
New unique icons for all the baskets
5 holdable babies added.
Updated Hold it-MCA.esp to Hold it-MCA8.esp to be compatible with the lastest Morrowind Comes Alive
Hold it - TR updated (to include map 3 npcs)
Hold it - Nom updated
Hold it - MCA updated (remove Hold it items from hostile npcs, increased chances of seeing Hold it items on MCA npcs.
NEW! Hold it - Dreamers, gived hold it items to Aoimevelho's Dreamer Expension

You can contact me at Bethesda Forums, over at Great House Fliggerty or Wolflore