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Gives NPCs items to hold/carry based on their class and gender.

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UPDATE 2.3.2
updated TR addon

1. Select 00 Core
2. Choose EITHER  01 Hold_it_main or 01 Hold_it_main_WS if you have Weapon Sheathing installed.
Note to OpenMW users: you should configure Weapon Sheathing to NOT put shields on backs.
4. 02 Addons, select as many as required

Note to Friend and Foes and Taddeus' users : You do NOT need an addon for Hold it, it works straight out of the box.


For those who don't know about it, Mlox is a simple program that will sort your load order. 
This is an addon to the list of Mlox rules, maintained by Abot, Danae, Lucevar and RandomPal. It has a tons of rules and will fix countless issues for you in just one click.

- Hold it – COM addon : randomly gives items to COM children. When a kid is offered a gift, they will hold it 
unless they already holding something else. Adds new CoM related items to the Hold it level lists. Also adds 5 abandoned babies in front of temples in Balmora, Suran, Gnisis, Ald-ruhn and on front of the Skyrim Mission in Ebonheart.
Requires MWChildren_1_0.esm
- Hold it - TR addon: randomely give items to TR npcs. Adds new TR related items to the Hold it level lists. 
Requires Tamriel_Data.esm and TR_Mainland (version 19.12)
- Hold it - Resources: only adds a barrel in Pelagiad's tavern with all the Hold it items with the exception or those
 made from TR, CoM, NoM or MCA meshes.
- Hold it - Dreamers: Gives Hold it items to dreamers
Requires Aoimevelho's Dreamer Expension.
- Hold it – replacerWS :added compatibility with weapon sheathing where off-hand staves and weapons have been removed.

Important note:
- if you choose to give the lantern items to an npc or companion, they will display the said lantern only  in some dark surroundings or outside during nighttime. The shields items will always be displayed unless the npc has a  better defense without shield or with one he already possesses.
- NPCs are given their inventory at the begining of the game, therefore, installing Hold It mid-game will have no effect (MCA and SF will work because the NPCs are continuously respawned)
- Items added with specific addons will be randomly given to vanilla npcs as long as the addon and the esp/esm it relies on is enabled.

Lantern items:
Basket, Daedric banner, ash statue, fish, bucket, small chest, piece of folded cloth, drum, flower, shiny globe, gold coins, hourglass, incense burner, iron pan, kettle, loot bag, piece of scrap metal, mortar, parchment, pie, pitcher, platter, quill, skull, wooden staff, Daedric staff, glass staff, tankard, bath towel, Nails (TR), scales (TR), hackle-lo pipe (TR), Apple pie (NoM), food platter (NoM), red teapot (NoM), string of sausages (NoM).

Shields items:
fish, bone, bottle, loaf of bread, broom, Bath salts, folded cloth, coda flower, fishing rod, flask, blue flower, yellow flower, book, hammer, coat hanger, hourglass, iron pan, kettle, lute, piece of scrap metal, parchment, itcher, potion, quill, rolling pin, sack, scroll, muck shovel, Soap, soul gem, wooden staff, Daedric staff, glass staff, A candy (CoM), A cookie(CoM), An Azura doll(CoM), 4 fairy tales books(CoM), A nix hound toy, A black rose(TR), a brush(TR), a cookie(TR), a guar toy(TR), a hackle-lo pipe(TR), a rope(TR), a bottle of wine(TR), a lute (TR), Cookie (NoM), onion(NoM), kagouti skewer(NoM).
Hand baskets (set as shields): empty, alchemy supplies, bread, clothing, golden kanet, kitchenwares, sewing material, logs, writing supplies, toys and candies (CoM),  bottles of juice (NoM), oranges(NoM), muffins (NoM), bread (NoM), clothing (TR), flasks (TR), bathroom supplies (TR).

Back Basket  (set as pauldrons) items filled with: cloth, corkbulbs, Kwama Eggs, Fish, flowers, hay, logs, pillows, bottles, ebony, glass, diamond, saltrice, wickwheat, marshmerrow, apples(NoM), grapes(NoM), hay(NoM), beetle parts (TR), dry fish (TR) or nothing.

Head baskets (set as helmets) : tubers, saltrice, wickwheat, eggs, raw ebony, raw glass.