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Board Games v.2
By Danae

What it does
Adds a game of Ludo, Checker, Snakes&Ladders complete with dice and pawn to Clagius’ shop in Balmora.
Adds a board game shop in Molag Mar with 10 new games: Creature castle, backgammon, cluedo, dungeons, mystics, jumgle mayhem, mills, morropoly, tarot path, treasure hunter.
Some boards are just fun and will be found too colourful by most. Other boards have been toned down to better fit in MW, a couple are actual antic games and already have an ‘old and moldy feel.
You can pick up the pawn to place them on the boards (they are scripted to allow easy placement)
You can lock the boards in place so you don’t pick them up accidentally while playing
You can roll the dice (message box)

How to install
Unzip the file in your Data files folder
Tick the Clean Board Games.esp in your launcher

A meshes folder
A texture folder
An icon folder
An esp file
Read me

This mod adds the boards in the cell: Balmora, Clagius Clanler: Outfitter.
It doesn’t move or remove anything.
So unless you have a mod the heavily modifies the layout of this cell, there should be no conflicts.
It also adds a door to Molag Mar Waistworks