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This plugin adds 11 armored robes to Morrowind

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I won't be supporting this mod in the future. Please see ArmoredRobes_NPC_Compilation instead

This plugin adds 11 armored robes in game: Dres, Telvanni, Redoran, Indoril, Hlaalu, Temple, Imperial Battlemage (high-ranking, like Okato), Imperial Legion's Battlemage (for ordinary mages in the Legions), Imperial Agent, Dunmer Nightbalde, Breton Spellsword.

All robes have the same stats as the cuirasses they are based on, except for the Spellsword robe: Spellsword class has Medium armor as one of the primary skills, so I changed the robe stats accordingly.

"Western" robes are sold in Buckmoth Legion Fort, Fort Frostmoth, Hawkmoth Garrison in Ebonheart, Moonmoth Fort.
Dunmeri Robes, including the Nightblade robe, are sold in Ald-Ruhn by Tuveso Beleth, in Ghostgate, Molag Mar, by street pawnbroker in Mornhold's Great Bazaar.

If you didn't see the robe you want in the trader's inventory, try visiting him again after 72 hours - their inventory will change (each robe has 60% chance to appear).

New robes use stock MW textures (except for the Dres robe) so their exact appearance in your game depends on which texture replacers you have installed.

My other mods which are also part of my "Armored Robes Project":
Indoril Armored Robe
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Dreamers Expansion contains 6th House armored robe which can be used as a resource. 

If I make more armored robes, I'll upload them here as well.