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This mod introduces the bed renting method as seen in TR Improved Inns Add-on into Tamriel Rebuilt areas. Now you can rent rooms for up to 30 day on the mainland, as well as be able to freely manipulate containers, items set in the room (pillows too, at last..) without fear of your items being flagged as stolen or you flagged as a criminal.

Permissions and credits
Tamriel Rebuilt Improved Inns (or NOM) Add-on


The add-on is currently being updated for the latest Tamriel Rebuilt

Basic Info

This is a compatibility patch for Tamriel Rebuilt and Improved Inn aspect of Necessities of Morrowind(NOM); there is a separate file that supports just Improved Inns, if you don't use NOM.


I have often been irritated by the one-day-rental system in Morrowind. I usually like to accommodate myself in a lodging, comfortably getting used to it and renting it for indefinite periods of time, luckily NoM's bed system (incorporated Improved Inns mod) came to my rescue.
Several years later Tamriel Rebuilt came with glorious and mouth-watering content, but, to my horror, so did the one-day-rental.
This mod aims to change that.


- You can rent a room on Mainland for up to 30 days now.

- Apart from just renting the bed and space, you also actually rent the doors and all the containers and miscellaneous items therein.
What it means is that items no longer count as "stolen" once put in a generic chest at the foot of a bed. This feature was partially implemented in TR, but inconsistently, in only 3-5 cells if my memory serves me right.

- No longer do you become a wanted criminal for trying to adjust your pillow on the bed! Just as any other misc, pre-placed objects in a rented room, pillow becomes your temporary property and you may do with it as you wish, as long as you are renting the room.

- Since the room's door and any containers within become temporarily your property, you may lock and open them as you wish, without people marking you a criminal. You may lock them for roleplaying purposes and whatnot.

Requirements & Possible Conflicts

The mod is dependent on and tailored to Tamriel Rebuilt 14.08 and requires either Improved Inns or Necessities of Morrowind v3.03(older versions of NoM should do fine, though).
BINN_start_script had to be modified, so if any other mod adds bed renting, they would need a patched version of that or equivalent script. If there are any mods like that please drop a note in Comments so that I may try to fix it.

Download and use only one of the esp's, depending on whether you use Improved Inns or NoM.