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This is a small mod that replaces the "Blood of the North" ability that The Lord birthsign has with a constant restore health effect, healing one health point a second.
The Lord birthsign is entirely useless in vanilla. All it does is give you a healing spell at the cost of taking double damage from fire. The healing spell itself is absolutely worthless. It allows you to regenerate 2 health every second for 30 seconds, at the cost of 15 magicka. However, you can easily make a spell with the exact same stats at a spellmaker for about 100 gold, without having to choose The Lord and suffer a 100% increase to fire damage taken.
My inspiration for such an effect came from the fact that the weakness to fire effect is called "Trollkin". Thinking back to the Trolls in Skyrim, I remembered that they also had a health regeneration ability in addition to being weak to fire. Furthermore, the description for The Lord birthsign says that those born under it are healthier than others, so being able to heal quickly is a nice way to show this.