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Added: 24/06/2014 - 11:26PM
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Title: Goblin Race
Creator: tomexplodes
Email: [email protected]
Type: Race addition
Description: This adds a playable goblin race using Better Bodies as well as head/hair models by Zulzadug, Gorg and Rhedd.

Credits: Psychodogstudios for Better bodies, Zulzadug for the heads, Gorg, Rhedd and Ren for the hair. All textures repainted/altered by Tortus (an absolute godsend for making them all look unique) and myself.

Male and Female stats
Str 30
Int 40
Wil 40
Agi 40
Spd 50
End 40
Per 30
Luc 40

Skill Bonuses
Marksman 5
Mercantile 5
Security 10
Sneak 10
Spear 15

Abilities and Powers

Cave Dweller - Night Eye 20 (permanent)
Lightfingers - Open on touch, 70 (once per day)
Foul Touch - Poison on touch, duration 60, 2 (once per day)

Goblins are a small, stealthy race. They are good at finding their way into any hole or crack and staying out of sight. In concordance with this, they prefer the use of longer weapons such as spears or marksman tools, to keep their enemies as far away as possible. However, they are not incapable of interaction with other races, to the contrary, they are mean bargainers and extremely crafty when it comes to wealth. They have grown very adept at taking what they want, be it through talking quickly or simply waiting until backs are turned. Through the years, the goblins have spent time in terrible underground wastes which surface dwellers are not attuned to. Through long term absorption, it has been found that they can, with but a well placed touch or slap, cause slow but potent poisons to seep into a body.

Change log

1.2 - Updated female textures.
New female head.
Added another female hair.
Adjusted height/weight to keep them small but minimize errors.
1.3 - Fixed the esp file to remove a reference to another mod. Sorry about that. Thanks to demonik for pointing this out to me!
1.4 - Added Felbourne Goblins. Adjusted height/weight even more.
1.5 - Fixed female textures, adjusted Felbourne Goblins.
1.6 - Fixed height and weight as best I could, everything should be doable, though you may get a little stuck sometimes. Added 2 more female heads.
1.7 - Repainted male heads, removed Felbourne Goblins.
1.8 - Completely repainted heads and hairs, added a new hair model, 3 variations of each hair. There is also a set of hairs with blackened ears to match one of the heads, and one hair with blood to match another of the heads. Tweaked their powers to be a little more balanced.
1.9 - Removed most of the female heads and hair because they were terrible. Fixed up the one good face I had and added another hair. Pretty much that's it.