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New armor set for Buoyant Armigers.

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v2 - added hood, helmet and face scarf + one more cuirass
v1.1: proper icons are added - courtesy of WH-Reaper.
Now you can either buy the armor from Dronos Hlervu in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, or go to Tureynulal and search for a dead buoyant armiger. (The barrel from Molag Mar BA stronghold is removed.)

This mod adds new armor set designed specifically for the Buoyant Armigers. According to the lore they are supposed to be Vivec's chosen companions and champions (like Almalexia's Hands), but they don't even have their own iconic armor set. So I decided to give them one. In the original game they wear light armor, either chitin or glass. Judging from their skills they are mobile warriors who specify on quick and stealthy raids into enemy territory. However the glass armor doesn't particularly fit this concept: though it is the best light armor in game, it is also the brightest - not the best characteristic for a stealthy warrior. And the chitin armor is very cheap, with low armor rating - not suitable for an elite warrior, handpicked by Vivec himself.
I wanted to give Buoyant Armigers something in-between, something that is practical to wear during raids inside the Ghostfence. The new armor looks like chitin reinforced by glass, with cloth parts that won't let ash and sand inside the armor joins during ashstorms. Icons of the Temple saints provide spiritual protection.
The stats of this armor are arithmetic mean of glass and chitin armor stats.

There are two ESPs:

- BuyoantArmigersArmor_NPC.ESP gives this new armor to most of Buyoant Armigers NPCs.
To see all changes to NPC inventory you'll have to start a new game or to delete these NPC data from your save file.

- BuyoantArmigersArmor_Resource.ESP only adds new armor in CS.

- Morrowind Code Patch (with enabled bump mapping)

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