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Rebalances Fatigue and Magicka use for a smoother game, without sacrificing the challenge of vanilla. -update 1.1 released!

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Fatigue and Magicka Overhaul v 1.2
Description 2.0:

The Basics:
Fatigue and Magicka Overhaul is a comprehensive mod compilation designed to align the Magicka and Stamina (derived attribute) systems of Morrowind with their more modern relatives in Oblivion in Skyrim. This mod does not exactly replicate either, but brings in the convenience and fluidity of both while remaining balanced to the difficulty level of Morrowind. I have extensively tested this mod on both default difficulty and my normal difficulty level of 70.
What Exactly Changes?

Move Faster - Base speed has been increased, and encumbrance has much less of a slowing effect on running speed. Now, the player character and NPCs will move faster across the board! Running speed is comparable to roughly 80% of the base running speed in Oblivion (take my word for it, it is just right.)

Fatigue Rebalance -
Fatigue now behaves differently. The closest point of comparison is the Fatigue system of Oblivion, but it is still not exactly the same. The changes can be broken down into bullet points

     - Fatigue regenerates much faster than in base Morrowind.
     - Weapon swings are now much more tiresome based on weapon weight. (Missed swings cost nothing.)
     - Jumping is now much more tiring.
     - Hand-to-Hand is now somewhat more potent to balance against the faster regeneration of Fatigue.

Magicka Regeneration -
Thanks to the Fair Magicka Regen v2 script by GlassBoy and Smoke, the player's Magicka will now regenerate at a rate based on the player's willpower. The v2 version included in 1.1 adds support for custom races, and disables regeneration with the atronach birthsign. Be careful when fighting mages, though... since you have regeneration, enemy NPC's will now have 4x their default magicka, so they will use larger spells and be able to last longer!


Step 1:
Download and Unzip the .zip file to your Morrowind data directory.

Step 2: Choose which .ESP you want to use. Also choose whether or not you want to use the hand-to-hand levelling balance plugin included with the latest version (recommended). If you are using an older version, then choose which intensity you want (Lite being 50% less fatigue cost, and Ultralite being 75% less).

Step 3: Select the chosen .ESP(s) from the Morrowind Launcher, Mod Manager of choice, or add it manually into your .INI load order.

And that's it - enjoy the mod!


Fair Magicka Regen - GlassBoy
Speed and Stamina - rinoaff33
Fair Magicka Regen V2B - Smoke
Better Fatigue Usage - Androl

All balanced and modified into a concise package (with some extra changes to boot) by ME.

Please use this mod however you want, including editing and inclusion in modpacks.
All I ask is that you link to the original mod when you use it, and don't reuse it without any changes, so people are not confused.