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A specialty store in Seyda Neen. Many new items available for sale including potions, clothing, lights, books, armour and various ingredients.

Permissions and credits
Seyda Supplies
Version 1.1

A specialty store in Seyda Neen. Many new items available for sale including potions, clothing, lights, books, armour and various ingredients.

Things you can expect include

- A new set of Tyrael Armour.
- Green Potions which do a small bit of life and magicka.
- Pawprint Lanterns, each with their own unique lighting properties. Reds, blues, purples etc.
- Greater Healing potion grants long lasting restorative effects.
- Books like a rebound Alchemist Index and the readme's to many of the resources.
- Bansai trees.
- Clothing such as new robes.
- Little creatures, Vissed/Gallimimus will greet your arrival and now have new soundFX.
- New ingredients such as Fire Fungus and Corprus Mushroom.
- Custom dialog to all three NPC. They will greet you differently each time.
- Impressive decor, with built in display terrarium for your amusement. Stocked with frogs and crabs.
- Regular alchemist tools along with custom mortar by Dracus.

and more.

The merchants themselves are very shrewd. Friendly, but not to be taken for fools. Your trade skills will be tested and it is not recommended that unskilled characters press too hard for better deals. Even bribery is a risky prospect on these seasoned dealers.

Decor and presentation in this version along with all the bugfixes and improvements built upon from version 1.0

Thankyou for all imput from version 1.0. All mentioned improvements have been implemented.

Compatable with New Seyda Neen 1.6

- No landscape adjustments
- Cleaned with Enchanted Editor
- Packaged with TESFILES

[email protected]


Change Log

Version 1.1

- Location shifted slightly to run with or without New Seyda Neen 1.6.
- Dialog enhancements. More comments and better character development. Some gifts for new customers.
- Added Flight of the K-foy potion to Cloverfield for sale.
- Renamed Pawprint Lanterns. Changed ID.
- Fixed static allignment on top room.
- Added path grid for Cloverfield so he might move about.
- Added regular animations appropriate to vendors.
- Custom soundFX script added to Vissed creature.
- Decor setup. Store redecorated for better lighting.
- Scripts enhanced on grinding wheel sound added but hard to hear over spell FX. Price of use lowered.
- Flight of the Kfoy potion given extra boost. Price lowered.
- Dracus Mortar now 500g instead of 5000g.
- Added some readme files to the noticeboard in game. A book inside store.

Version 1.0

- Initial release



Special thanks and credit to all these artists.

All readme files of resources included in the downloaded package in Credits folder.

- Shop sign by Nimrod.
- Grinding Wheel by A_Sapp (aSaPp![email protected])

- Absinthe by Korana
- Scum Jar by Kfoy
- Bottles by the Wanderer.

Alchemy Apparatus
- Mortar and Pestle by Dracus.

Armor Types
- Tyrael Armor Set by TheHolyWraith
- RH Quiver by Alienslof

Body Parts
- Elder Head by Don Salus
- Female Head by Kayleena

- Alchemist Index by Curtis Coulter. (Now in new bindings by The Wanderer)
- Stained Glass Lanterns Readme.
- 62 Exquisite Robe.

- A ring by Wulfgar.
- The 62 Exquisite Robe by Itachi62
- Hort Robe by Alaisiagae

- Kfoy Corprus Mushroom
- Kfoy Ectoshroom
- Kfoy Firefungus

- Crabs by Cait
- Hermit Crab by Cait
- Vissed by Midgetalien

- Kfoy Corprus Mushroom
- Kfoy Firefungus

Miscellaneous Item
- Bansai Tree by Mantodea and Redwoodtreesprite
- Kag Frog by Kagz

- Chandelier by Phaedrus
- Umbrella by F.N Zazulka a.k.a Dracus Dragani (the way it is carried makes it better to set it up as a light. It is not actually a light)
- Stained Glass Lanterns by Paw Print Express.
- Skull lamp by ....

- Water by Dongle
- Norse Tapestries by Craigor
- Glass by Redguard_Slayer
- Key Medallions by Clavis
- Curtains by Adele
- Nest by ....
- Landscape tiles by Ginge_13