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This mod adds a free player house of your very own in Balmora.

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This mod adds a free player house of your very own in Balmora.

The story...

There lived a man in Balmora named Vincent Mugly on the east side of the river. He was a poor man and not very popular. So he left Balmora searching for a better life and was gone for many years. One day he came back with a huge amount of coins and built this house. At first it only had three floors which was more than enough for him and his new beautiful wife and newborn son.
When the boy was about eight years old his mother was murdered on her way to Caldera and he swore that one day he would revenge her. Vincent his father tried to persuade him from revenge because he did not want to loose his son also.
But when the boy was seventeen years old he got some unexpected news about his mothers killer and went looking for him but never came back.
As the years passed Vincent became sad and lonely and in desperation built the Lighthouse on top of his house to guide his son back home. He took in a lone adventurer to keep him company and help find his son. Every so often the adventurer would go on an expedition to search for the son and usually came back empty handed. After one such trip he returned to find the old man had passed away, ...but left him the house.

Balmora Lighthouse:

First floor: Storage area for weapons.
Second floor: Desk for important stuff and containers. Bookshelf and container.
Mages room with storage area for potions and ingredients.
Third floor: Two bedrooms with storage and a balcony for ending a good days adventure.
Tower: Great view of the surrounding area plus quick access to the Bitter Coast
and a sight for sore eyes after questing.

Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

Download, extract and drag “MO Balmora Lighthouse.esp” to Morrowind/Data folder.
I only edited the landscape around the house and added two cells, no scripts.
Cleaned the mod with Wrye Mash.

If you already have a house with too many items to carry and would like to move to Balmora Lighthouse then you can use the mod “Carry More or Less” by Illiotibial to make it easier.

Don´t forget to backup your save files if you later decide not to use this mod.

I have been using this mod for some time now and wanted to share it.
All comments and suggestions welcome.


Version changes.

Balmora Lighthouse 1.0

Balmora Lighthouse 1.1

1. Smoke lowered into chimney.

2. Changed ambient light.

3. Added some chests to the storage room.