ChaosWarrior's NPC acurracy buff by ChaosWarrior
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Added: 16/04/2014 - 05:32PM
Updated: 06/05/2017 - 09:16PM

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Last updated at 21:16, 6 May 2017 Uploaded at 17:32, 16 Apr 2014

Did you knew that 80% of morrowind's NPCs are below level 10 and some of them even carry "wrong" weapon for their class? Do their attempts to kill you while missing 9 times out of 10 look pathethic? So I found a way to make them hit you without touching them in editor.
It adds items - which allow you to buff all enemies in area.

This mod makes enemy attack more accurate but in uncommon way. May be this line will finaly make it more easy to find)

The only difference between v2.2 and  v2.3 is improved er... system of dealing with rare situation when buff or protective spellabsorbing ability gets on player character (it is extra rare like once in 30 hours of game and not for long time anyway, now it is even less possible)

16.05.15 upd whats new:
- now is starts from level 1 with +4 attack, so you will see how it works
- removed last message when countdown is finished
- sound warnings for countdown (as replacement for text which you may want to disable as it may interfere with reading subtitles)
- independent toggle disable/enable of sound and text warnings
- extra button for removing buff from PC if it somehow get on it (just in case, there is still no way to get it intentional)

24.02.15 upd: new version contains all things with all options and stuff, it's controlled via menu when using *toggle* item also this time I wasnt high on moonsugar and removed stupid text from guide scroll which comes with mod

C'mon people! Try it out! Now technologically advanced. May need some getting used to, but you will stop to notice when it casts buff.

The only reason for me to consider disabling (yep it is customizable) of sanctuary part is if you heavily rely on conjuration. But summons can get buff from nova too. Also you may know that game gets too easy when you 100% hit targets as they stagger.

It adds TWO items - which looks like glass daggers with an icon of dwemer cog. One is toggle and one is instant buff. They have low stats and you cannot equip it anyway. >>>>>Normally it all lies on table in Seyda Neen lighthouse<<<<<<, but if you loose it just add it with console "player->additem irondagpwnz 1" or "player->additem irondagpwnzt 1". When you try to put it on your characters the script launches leveled AOE buff at you which buffs all actors within 800 ft from you, but not your characters. It lasts 12 minutes or till they are killed, walls are no obstacle for it. There now also toggle option with interface, it releases buff with desired interval or upon entering interiors, always with 2.9 seconds countdown so you wont be spooked when it happens. There also scroll with... letters :)

It does not displaces anything you wear into inventory. Not even for one frame.

It DOES NOT touches ANYTHING from vanilla game except adding items and urn on the table. So it is all absolutely compatible with anything. And I played alot with it already and with Morrowind Overhaul, no bugs seen, no crashes.

it adds leveled bonus to hit chance and evasion chance. Also >>small<< increase of enemy speed and agility on higher levels.

Bonuses now rebalanced so bonus to acurracy is up to 40% while bonus to evasion is up to +25%, (previously was up to +40/+40):
1-7lvl:      4 attack
8lvl: 8 attack/5 sanctuary (sanctuary is disabled by default)
12lvl: 15/9/1 speed
16lvl: 20/12/1
20lvl: 24/12/2/12 agility
22lvl: 26/14/2/16
24lvl: 30/15/3/20
26+lvl:     35/20/3/25

The bonuses were seriously thought:
1) Bonus to speed is so small because few creatures with 8-14 speed move on same pace as nps or player with 50-90 speed because of their animation.
2) There is no "fortify health" effect because in some cases it will kill some creatures and NPCs upon expiring. (If magnitude is higher than maximum or remaining health of actor and it took damage while was under effect it can NOT be healed above "base" maximum health unless you enabled it in MCP and when effect ends it will substract its magnitude from what remains).
3) There is no "restore health" effect because it can be exploited to heal someone who isnt player.
4) there is no shield effect because of its blob-like animation.