Dwemer Mesh Improvement by Champion of Hircine
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Added: 15/04/2014 - 11:17PM
Updated: 16/07/2017 - 09:00PM

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Last updated at 21:00, 16 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 23:17, 15 Apr 2014

Replaces models in the Dwemer set. All meshes are made from scratch. Most of the models were not replaced by MGSO. The ones that were had ridiculously high poly counts. For these models I reduced the poly count by about 80% and they look essentially the same.

Update 2017.07.15 added 12 new models for a total of 34, and fixed some texture mapping issues in the first version. See 'readme' for the full list of models included.

To install, extract to the 'Data Files' folder in your Morrowind directory or use Nexus Mod Manager.

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You may use these models for your own Elder Scrolls mods as long as you give me credit. No need to ask.