Zesvots Colored Mana User Spell Icons_Spell Sound Replacer and Other Tweaks by Mana User and Zesvotzashne
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Added: 25/03/2014 - 05:49PM
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Last updated at 17:41, 25 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 17:49, 25 Mar 2014

Note to all downloaders:

I am not the original author of this mod, I'm just putting it on here because the page/link for it on PES is dead (Just like many other mods). It was originally by Zesvotzashne and Mana User, under the name 'Assorted Minimods'. I've changed the title to better reflect what the mod actually does and make it easier to search for but none of the files in the .zip have been altered in any way.

One of my favorites replacers (Especially for the icons), but the sound author (Zesvot) wasn't kidding when they said the sounds are flashy. They're even kinda cheesy lol.

=====Original Description======

A minimod pack filled with stuff.


Colored versions of Mana User's icons -
Pretty much that. -NO- .ESP required.

New Spell Sounds - Total replacement of all spell sounds except Poison, "sound" spell and the Mages's Guild "whoosh".
Note they are VERY flamboyant! -NO- .ESP required.

Distinct Fire&Poison - For those of you who can't stand how those spells use the Destruction soundset.
They will now use their appropriate soundsets that already come with the game (But where unused). .ESP required.

Cheap Spell VFX_ replacer -
Still a Work in Progress, but has replacements for Destruction, Fire, Frost, Poison and Shock spells. Also comes with color variety for everything except Destro. -NO- .ESP required.

Icon Fix - Gives "Stunted Magicka" spell it's own icon, where it didn't have one before, also does the same to a couple other spells. .ESP required.

Combofix - Icon fix and Distinct Fire&Poison in 1 mod. .ESP required.

SHOULD be GMST free. Unless it suddenly developed them again while in the ZIP.