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Gedna Relvel is widely considered most annoying enemy in Tribunal and Morrowind in general and I believe the player should be at least bit rewarded for taking her down. The enchantment of the original Robe of the Lich as among the most useless in the whole game, and from the full charge is obvious, the lich is not even using it for whatever little purpose it could have. Constant effect makes more sense by my opinion and is maybe even originaly intended judging from its minimal duration, increased magicka and immunity to it's ill effects would propably be the reason for Gedna to don it. Not that the creature is actualy programmed to wear it, but this way we at least have some space for imagination and magicka resistant or immune characters can even use it to their advantage.

Changes: Robe of the Lich enchantment is now constant effect

Requirement: Tribunal

Instalation: Unpack the file to your Morrowind/Data Files folder and allow it through your Morrowind launcher or mod manager