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Suran expansion with a new player's home

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Due to the demise of PES I am making all my previously released mods available here. Originally released June 2005

Expends Suran by adding 9 new NPC homes, 2 new Manors one with a (simple) quest that will give you ownership and 3 new shops all with their owners, night time door locks, exterior random window lights and schedules for some existing and all new NPC’s. One special teleport item – that expands the available locations as your character advances… the idea behind it was not to just make everywhere available at once… but as the character improves in skills and reputation opening up more and more location until eventually there are over 100 !!! I figure that in the beginning you need to go the hard way in order to gain knowledge and skills but by that time you have all the locations available you have no need to walk/ride everywhere in order to do so. You can also have “Cythus’s Netch Adamantium Armour” custom made for you… if you have enough funds and can obtain the right materials.

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