Dwarven creatures by Yar-Yulme
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Added: 08/03/2014 - 11:28PM
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Last updated at 23:28, 8 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 23:28, 8 Mar 2014

This mod add four Dwemer creatures: two spectres and two centurions. They are just custom variations of standard meshes:
First ghost is just spectre in set of Dwemer armor instead of common Dwemer robe. Note that it's transparency settings differs from other ghosts, so he can be almost invisible in dark areas... So you'd better have any light sources while exploring dwarven ruins.
Second ghost is an attempt to recreate design of Dwemer appearance from concept-arts. Might be mush better, but I didn't want to use new textures, therefore mesh is far off flawless. Maybe next time.
The centurions are variation of "Armor Centurions". Many mods features such creatures, but usually they got ordinary human animations. Here they got animations from the Steam Centurions.

This is mod resourse. But you can play with provided esp-file, creatures there added to leveled lists (so you'd have to use some utility which able to merge leveled lists) and got the same or slightly changed stats as common Dwarven Spectres and Steam Centurions.