Lights 300 by Byblos
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Added: 17/02/2014 - 06:11PM
Updated: 01/05/2017 - 01:46PM

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~~~ Update ~~~
I've fixed the bug with missing custom icons, they've now been moved to their proper folder.

This is the "Lights 300 w/ Icons" mod by Byblos, mirrored from just in case the PES link becomes dead. Here's the original description:

This mod reworks all lights in the game to be more, colorfull, dynamic, magical and realistic:
Red Candlesticks now have red flames, light - and are called Ruby Candles
Green have Green flames, light and are called Emerald, same with all other colors, Plus there are now a few new types of candles
Black candles with red flames (called Daedric Candles)
White Candles with whiite Flames (called Aedric Candles)

To see a difference, go to Rav-vir in Balmora, All of his Purple (Amythist) Candles will now give his shop a magical feel instead of their old orange glow

All interiors are slightly darkened to make source lights more dominant over the ambient light, Dungeons are now mostly pitch black with the exception of the source lights, Torches have longer experation times and bigger and brighter radius so that they are actually useful. See readme for complete info.

Note: Incompatabilities:
Any mod that alters lights >_< . But this one Includes True Lights and Darkness already in it and Light Based Sneaking.