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Replaces all of the tabled Morrowind UI with a simpler and more modern look like in Skyrim.

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It's the perfect blend between Morrowind UI and Skyrim UI. The skyrim UI overhaul removes a lot of the edges, borders and bars and leverages the games transparent boxes to make a cleaner and more modern look similar to what you'd find in Skyrim.

[size= 3] Features /// [/size]

- Clean "white on black" interface
- Updated Cursors and Compass Marker
- Redrawn "enchantment" graphic
- Black on Black Morrowind loading screen

[size= 3] Installation /// [/size]

This mod contains no ESP's so I strongly suggest manually installing.

Unzip to your Morrowind root folder.

Open up your Morrowind.ini and replace all of the information under the [FONTS] section with the one included in the .ZIP file

Uninstall ///

Remove everything in the Texture folder starting with "menu"

Download the back up .ini and repeat step #2 of the installation process.

Suggested Settings and Mods ///

Set the menu transparency anywhere between 50% - 75%

Better Dialogue Font
Download this if you want the original dialogue and journal fonts to POP!

Skyrim Style Splash Screens

Morrowind Code Patch
(for scaling menu windows)