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Changes how much fatigue is used by weapon attacks in Morrowind. Designed for use with Speed and Stamina (

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This is a simple mod that increases (in most cases) the amount of fatigue that weapon attacks cost. The fatigue cost of a weapon attack is now much more dependent on weapon weight and swing duration. Designed for use with Speed and Stamina (

Speed and Stamina makes running not cost fatigue, which is great, but it makes fatigue fairly useless, since weapon attacks don't cost that much. My solution is to increase the amount of fatigue that weapon attacks cost, dependent on weapon weight and swing length. Daedric and ebony weapons will now require quite a bit of fatigue to use effectively due to their heavy weight, but still have the advantage of having the best DPS. Glass weapons are even more valuable now as they have an incredible damage/weight ratio. Remember that if you find yourself running out of fatigue all the time, you can always do partial swings to conserve stamina (think of them as non-power attacks as in later TES games)

Previous formula for fatigue cost (based on experimentation): 2 + 0.25 * weapon weight * swing length
Swing length is between 0 (for an tiny swing) and 1 (for a full swing)
New formula: weapon weight * swing length

Installation: Add the .ESP file to Morrowind/Data Files as usual and activate it.

Recommended mods:
Speed and Stamina ( - this mod is STRONGLY recommended; if you use my mod without Speed and Stamina, you will probably find yourself running low on fatigue a LOT.
Kobus Daito and Stamina Mod ( - renames usage of Fatigue to Stamina, which I think makes more sense.

Should be compatible with almost any mod other than those that change the same values.

Feel free to reuse, modify, or distribute this mod however you want.

Please post comments if you think my changes are too extreme/not extreme enough for a particular play style; I can upload alternate versions as requested.

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