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The Elder Scrolls III
Grandmaster of Hlaalu
Version 1.3
by Lady Galadriel
Release date: 2-8-2006

**Note: Tribunal and Bloodmoon are required for this mod.
Better Bodies is also required for the Grandmaster's Robe.
Book Rotate and Weapons Rotate are required for the library
and weapons racks.


1. Installation
2. Description
3. Save Games
4. Known Issues/Conflicts
5. Revisions
6. Credits




For people using this mod for the first time:

1- Place all the files into your Morrowind\Data Files folder.
If asks to overwrite, choose "Yes".
2- Activate it from the Morrowind Launcher.


2. Description

**Note: In order for the new quest to trigger, you must have the stage 3 stronghold, and
you must be Grandmaster of House Hlaalu. Once both of those conditions are satisfied,
simply sleep or do whatever you want for a few days, until an NPC shows up at your
stronghold to warn you of an attack on the Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine. I also recommend
that you be finished with the main quest before you do these quests, since one of the mines associated with the quest House Hlaalu: Redoran Ally is in the Red Mountain Region.

This mod adds onto the Hlaalu stronghold at all stages of construction, and also adds a
4th construction stage (with accompanying quest). There are also extra quests to get a
companion-friendly teleport ring, find new mines (one being an new mining colony), and
one to rid House Hlaalu of the Camonna Tong influence. This mod also includes (with
the stage 4 additions) fast travel by boat to Balmora, Ebonheart, and Suran (there is
no boat service in Suran until a later quest).

The original Rethan Manor interior has been heavily modified, and now includes
an enlarged dining area, as well as a library (which includes, a librarian who
sells/buys books and coffee, and a guild guide teleport system to various bookshops
and libraries. see the inclosed diagram for more information), Livingroom & Personell
Bedroom, alchemy room (with two extra large closets for potions and ingredients),
armor storage room, armory/display room, and a training room with functional practice

Additional buildings added include the West Tower, which contains a small barracks
as well as the entrance to the dungeon, two shacks for the miners outside the
Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine, a better Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine (which you can mine
from, unless you sell the rights),a manor for the ebony miners, a gate tower, two new
houses, a smithy, a tavern, a new guard tower by the boat dock, and a new shop.

Fjorgier, the companion you get during the stage three construction, was modified a bit,
to make him a slightly more proper companion. He now warps (script based on
Grumpy's Companion Project v1.3) and has companion share. He is also now classed as
a guard. Fjorgier also has a full set of Dragonscale Armor that is from DracoDraKonis's
mod Full Dragonscale Armor.

This mod also includes "Ithilien87's" Hlaalu Rank Adjust, which enables you to become a
councillor where You can even talk to your subjects about local concerns when you reach
the appropriate rank., and also features a new "Yellow Register of Hlaalu" which lists all
senior members from the rank of Kinsman upwards, including the player, which is
updated as you gain standing in the House. Just see the Grand Hlaalu Scribe in Hlaalu
Records, Vivec. Now there is a proper structure to House Hlaalu, with actual governers
for Suran and Gnaar Mok, not just Caldera. The Treasury actually has a master now,
and the Hlaalu quest givers have an official title.

At stage three of construction, Gry Morningdew, your 'second in command' will appear
inside the front door of your stronghold. I changed her name to Arawen since it's more
like a Bosmer name, and I like it better. Ask her about 'managing your stronghold' twice,
she then tells you about making profits off of the eggmine. Then go to the Vassir-Didanat
Cave, you'll get a journal entry. To get to the Vassir-Didanat Cave, go over the swinging
bridge, then cross the path and then walk over the ridge. Look for two rock spires. The
cave door is between them. Or you can have Arawen teleport you there, then look behind
the mining shacks toward the mountain, and the cave door is between the two rock spires.
While you're in the cave, kill the two atronachs. Ask Gry Morningdew about 'managing
your stronghold' again and begin operating from that mine too (the ebony miners appear
at stage 4 construction). Note: You own the ebony mine if you already sold the rights to it.

After the House Hlaalu: Stronghold Expansion is completed, you can also start on a
main quest and a series of small quests to rid House Hlaalu of the Camonna Tong
influence. Those quests can be started by talking to the Barkeep and the Redguard
savant who are both in your tavern which you get after Stage four of Stronghold
Expansion is completed.

This mod also features new mines that are acquired by House Hlaalu, Massama Cave
which is in the Grazelands Region, and Mausur Caverns, which is in the Red Mountain
Region. Both of the mines have associated quests.

House Hlaalu does discover a new mining colony in this mod. The first time you go
there, you have to swim or walk on water. There is Boat service in Suran during the
second stage of the mine. The shipmaster at Suran will take you to the mining colony
(Zaffara Bay), and to your stronghold.

During the quests when Crassius sends you to deal with the rival strongholds, you can
acquire unique artifacts that the rivals are holding, and they could be used against you
as well, when both quests are completed, Crassius awards you with the
Hlaalu Ancestral Bow, a unique bow with a special enchantment which benefits
House Hlaalu.


3. Save Games


This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you remove the
plugin from a game already in progress, you will have to click through
all those error messages. However, you should be able to continue on afterward.

**Note: As a rule, you should backup all your saves before using this or any
other plugin, as a precaution against any strange error you might encounter.


4. Known Issues/Conflicts


Grandmaster of Hlaalu will conflict with the following:
- Indarys Unleashed (landscape, object placement)
- New Rethan Manor
- Sailable Rivers (or whatever the name is - landscape)
- Join all houses
- Rethan Manor Enhanched
- Rethan Expansion
- Suran Expanded (Boat placement; Suran Expanded and this mod both have
boats that are in the same place)
In addition to the above, any mod that changes landscape at or close to
the Odai Plateau, or that makes changes to the Rethan Manor interior or
to the "Odai Plateau" exterior cell may conflict.

Other known issues:
- Practice dummies - sometimes the spacebar reset feature doesn't want to work
I have found that hitting the dummy a few more times generally corrects this.


5. Revisions


Version 1.1

- Added a chest of Books to the library, which contains all the
books that are in a set. I also took out the three tall
bookcases in the front of the library to display your armor on
armor manniquins (armor manniquins are not added to library)

- Changed the class of the Library guides from Guild Guide to mages
as it was confusing.

- Changed the name of the second in command right inside your manor
To Arawen, since it sounds more like a wood elf. She also will
Teleport you to the Ascadian Isles which is in proximity to the
Eggmine and Ebony Mine.

- Added better dialogue on the Odai Plateau and Rethan Manor. I
also added some unique dialogue to Sernsi Drelas, the
pawnbroker who lives across the way from you, and Uvren Tures,
the Monk who lives in the upper unit next to you.

- Added to the anti Camonna Tong quests a quest which is a continuation
of Ilmeni Dren's last Twin Lamps quest concerning the note that Hides-
His-Foot mentions. It changes the Dren Plantation after it is finished.

- Added a new Governor of Caldera after Odral Helvi is arrested. The
new one will appear after the Shipment of Ebony quest is finished.

- Added Rilia Hleru to the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart. I
added her in case I decide to use her if I do an update.

- Added both Rilia Hleru and the new governor of Caldera to The
Yellow Registry and gave them titles.

- Changed the interior of the Grandmaster's Manor at the Zaffara Bay
Mining Colony to make it look more like a homey feel (I added two
fireplaces and a canopy bed).

- Fixed the script so that The Yellow Registry will appear in the other
places after you distribute it to the senior Hlaalu members.

- Made the beds where the Hlaalu questgivers are, have the owner as
Great House Hlaalu instead of the individuals so you can rest in the

- Gave Fjorgeir, the guard that you hire from the fighters guild, the rank
of Swordsman of the Fighters Guild.

Version 1.2

- Dondos Driler gives the player the book House Hlaalu Stronghold Plans
when the stronghold quest starts.

- Adds unique weapons to the house rivals, plus one you gets upon completion
of both quests.

- The dining table at Rethan Manor is set with a imperial silverwear serving set.

- Arawen is now your scribe.

- A table with three books is in front of Arawen, as well as a quill, inkwell, and a

- A bar is added by the wall behind the dining area that has a Bread Basket and a
Blue Pot, and they both have food items in them.

- Replaced the textures in the armor mannequins, and Lira Uvari, the merchant by
the docks of Rethan manor now sells armor mannequins.

- It is NOM compaitble

- Arawen will Teleport you to Ald Velothi

- Adds new Shipmasters to Vivec Foreign Quarter, Ald Velothi, and The Dren Plantation at Stage 4 of the Stronghold.

Version 1.3
- A underground Display Room with two guards is.
- Miners are added to the Vassir - Didanat Mine if you find it and don't sell the rights, as
well as two quests from Piquefjord LaVey, the mine head.
- The new governor of Caldera, Vilvan Andrethi, gives you a quest to get House Redoran to quit "meddling" in the affairs of the mine, as well as uncover corruption that was going on while Odral Helvi was governor.
- You get the option of getting Banden Indarys as an ally by finding a mine for House Redoran, which is Mausur Caverns in Red Mountain.
- Arawen will Now Teleport you to Caldera.
- A Wine Rack was added near the dining table which has Hlaalu Wine, a new Drink Potion.
- New Drinks were added, These are sold by the barkeep in the Golden River, and some appear in your Manor
- A Kitchen was added, at Stage 3, and the cook will give out his New Food items that were added when you ask him about "Special Dishes." Fadril Andas, the Publican at The Golden River would sell the new food items as well.
- At Stage Tree completion, an Enchanter, and living area with a healer appear off the underground display area.
- You now have a maid at stage three that will give you food, Scuttle and Crab Pie, and drink Hlaalu Wine
- You now get the Grandmaster's Signet Ring which has a great echantment, plus it will Teleport you to four different locations.
- Rethan Manor now has a "jewelry" box with a Rethan Sanctuary Ring, and a "misc" box for keys and stuff.


6. Credits

A very sincere thank you to:

Dongle - for the well mesh from his water mesh resource, and the display cases, Imperial Gate.
Grumpy - for his companion script (v1.3 script used for Fjorgier)
Silas Gnom - For Gry Morningdew, and the Hlaalu Stronghold Profit, that enables you to collect profits on your eggmine, and Vassir-Didanat ebony mine (that is if you didn't sell the rights)
Dorfmann - For the other two mining shacks, and the Vassir-Didanat Manor.
Baratheon79 - For the mod BAR_RethanExpansion_v2.2, that I used most of in making this great mod.
Arjan (Lord Gildor) - For the large Library on the second floor landing, and the livingroom with the fireplace
and the bedroom for your retainers.
Neoptolemus - For the script that I used for the NPC's to randomly appear and disappear in the tavern, and in the shop.
Timoty95 - For the model of the Zaffara Bay mine that he made for me to use in my mod.
Leeloo - For her models for the Grandmaster's Robe (Both male and female)

And last but not least....

Ithilien87 - my accomplice for his help in making this great mod. I hope you all enjoy it.
Lord Gildor - For helping me out with the Zaffara Bay part of the mod.
Midgetalien, PC_Gamer, and Lukett - For Beta Testeing this mod

And of course to everyone at the official forum and on The Elder Scrolls Forums
who has contributed feedback as I was creating this mod. You know who you are.

Feel free to let me know what you think of this mod.

If you want to send me feedback on this mod, you can send PM me or
find one of my forums at the elderscrolls forum site. I'm Cordelia on
the forum site.

This mod may be posted on other sites, provided that the site owner contacts
me for permission or I send it to him/her, and I am credited as the mod author.

Enjoy this great mod.