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Dark Brotherhood changes:

-Dark Brotherhood Armor put on hostile members of Dark Brotherhood in Morrowind
that wears light armor.

-New Shrouded Helm and Shrouded Cuirass with same stats as Dark Brotherhood Helm
and Dark Brotherhood Cuirass but with enchantments based on Shrouded Hood and
Shrouded Armor from Oblivion put on Severa Magia and Dandras Vules.

-Severa Magia buffed to level 55 with auto calculate stats to be more worthy of
the title, Night Mother.

Morag Tong changes:

-New Morag Tong Armor comparable to Dark Brotherhood armor based on Netch Leather
Armor looks with enchantments based on Morag Tong armor from Oblivion. This is
put on Eno Hlaalu and a new npc that sells short blades, light armor, and
thieves tools that can be found in Vivec, Arena Hidden Area.

-Eno Hlaalu buffed to level 55 with auto calculate stats to be more worthy of a
rival to the Dark Brotherhood master.

-New script that makes you the target of the Morag Tong when you are given a
death warrant by guards or betray the Morag Tong. Can be removed by going to a
Thieves Guild member and having them remove Bounty. This assassin wears the
Morag Tong armor.

NEW: 1.3

Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe, Ethasi Rilvayn, and Goren Andarys buffed to level 28 to be more
worthy of being Masters of the Morag Tong.