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READ THIS BEFORE ANYTHING: Mod is WIP, and becuase im too busy, it might be never finished. for now it has around 10 fully playable quests. but after those the story is stuck til i plan to work on it again. i'm the only one working on this, it can be hard to design all the quests and write the story. so give me some time. ;)

This is my first mod for Morrowind and my first mod ever dealing with quests and scripting. but i think it turned out alright. it adds new quests for the Grandmaster of House Hlaalu to perform. the main questline must be finished and your rank in the House Hlaalu must be Grandmaster obviously. Quests include more than just going to a cave and fetching an item. freedom of choice is an important aspect of this mod, you will be able to recruit guards and house members as you see fit. make deals with the people/guilds you want. and manage your house the way you like.

The story is centered around maintaining business and helping your House rise in power, you will encounter enemies and rival guilds who will try to stop you. the main enemy in this mod is the Camonna Tong, who will be at odds with the Hlaalu after you tried to take their business from them. The Dren Plantation and turn it into one of your Hlaalu establishments. the questline builds up from there to the point where the Camonna Tong becomes a menace and a threat to the power of House Hlaalu and so it falls on you to put an end to them. whether by force or by cunning and planning is your choice to make. New NPCs with interesting personalities are added to accompany and advice you on your journey. the mod's purpose is to basically add more quests and more adventure to House Hlaalu, since its my favorite house.

Most of the quests are given by Garyn, your right hand who lives beside you in Rethan Manor.

Side quests are added as well, and performing them or not is entirely optional. although they are side quests they are mostly centered around House Hlaalu.

Start the mod by talking to Garyn in Rethan Manor, he lives in Tures House. before you talk to him and start the questline however make sure to kill Orvas Dren if you haven't already. if you have any bugs you'd like to report or something to share leave it in the comments. Ignore any error messages you see at the beginning.