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Added: 07/01/2014 - 12:37PM
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Last updated at 12:37, 7 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 12:37, 7 Jan 2014

This plugin adds Supply Chests to the Imperial Legion Forts. It always
bothered me that the Fighters and Mages Guilds have them, but not the
Legion, so now they do. You will find the chests at the following Forts:

Fort Pelagiad (Pelagiad)
Fort Darius (Gnisis)
Madach Tradehouse (Gnisis, in Darius' Chambers)
Moonmoth Legion Fort (Near Balmora)
Buckmoth Legion Fort (Near Ald 'ruhn)
Hawkmoth Legion Garrison (Ebonheart)

Note: I didn't add one to Frostmoth Legion Fort, because I wanted this as
a Morrowind setup only. If anyone would like one placed there, I can do it,
but of course, that plugin will become Bloodmoon dependent.

In addition, you will now recieve two new things from Darius upon joining
the Legion.

#1. A new topic, "Supply Chest," which he will tell you more about.
#2. A copy of "Ordo Legionis."

I found it strange that there was no way to obtain a copy of "Ordo Legionis"
unless you steal one from one of the forts. I mean, it's more less a Hand-Book
for Imperial Legionniares, so therefore, one should be given to new recruits,
right? Yep! So now you get one! =)



Removed the Cyrodiliic Brandy from the supply chests. As Denina kindly
mentioned, it didn't seem right or lawful for soldiers to have access to
spirits while on duty. Well, I agree and it's been fixed.