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Note: You must have Emma's Imperial Head Pack 1 installed for the mod to work
properly. Her mod has been included in the file.

The biggest beef I've had since I began playing Morrowind, is there are no places
that sell entire sets of Imperial Armor, and as far as I know, there is no place
which sells the Imperial Skirt and Belt. You can get "common" copies, but that's it.

It also annoyed me that there are no shops between Pelagiad and Balmora, unless you
have another mod that includes something. Nevertheless, it gets pretty lonely on the
Ascadian Isles road.

So, therefore, I created "Imperial Tradehouse." I did it merely for personal use,
but decided to set it loose in the hopes others may enjoy it as well.

"Imperial Tradehouse" places an Imperial facility in the Ascadian Isles Region -2,-6
(across the road from Maurrie Aurmine), where you can find a trader, a trainer, and
a smith.

The trader on the ground level will trade various goods, including Imperial skirts,
Imperial belts, ingredients, alcohol, and other goodies.

The smith on the lower level will make repairs, sells various Imperial weapons and
armor, and will also buy various things.

The trainer is an Agent for the Census and Excise Office, and can train you in
speechcraft, Light Armor, and sneak.

I was going to include an extra part for possible Room and Board, but decided not
to. Perhaps in version 2.0, if I get ambitious. lol.

It's not a cheat or unbalancing at all IMO, considering you can buy all the legion
stuff, minus the skirt and belt, at various shops around Vvardenfel. I did not
include Templar Armor, because I thought that "would" be unbalancing, however, the
Templar Skirt and Belt "can" be purchased since it's only clothing.

All in all, I believe it adds to the scenery and atmosphere, and if you have NOM
(Necessities of Morrowind), the mod blends in well with the Food Route Outpost in
that same area.

A few creatures were also added to the surrounding area, but the guard outside
will kill them quick if they come near, or will aid you if attacked.

Some landscape was altered a bit, but not much; mostly flowers, a well, a few
trees, etc.


All the NPCs, 6 total, including 3 Imperial guards are all high level, and will
attack or arrest you if you get caught swiping something, m'k? You've been warned!



Added many missing ownership tags to sellable items.