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This is a plugin I made for personal use which changes a few things with the Imperial Guards.

#1. I noticed that the Imperial Guards in the game were labled just "GUARD" and that always bothered me.
Other guards such as Telvanni, Hlaalu, Redoran all are labled "Hlaalu Guard,
"Telvanni Guard," etc., so the Imperial Guards will now show up as "Imperial Guards."

#2. I also noticed a few places where there are no guards on duty where I think there should be, so I
placed a few. You will now see them in the places listed below...

Arrille's Tradehouse (Seyda Neen)
Governor's Hall (Caldera)
Hodismod (Caldera)
Halfway Tavern (Pelagiad)
North and South Guard Towers (Caldera)
Guard Tower (Caldera Mining Company)

#3. Female Imperial Guards! Yes, there are now more female Legionnaires in the game; about 12, including
archers as described in #6. There are a few plug-ins that add female guards to the game, but not just Imperials,
so this does just that. You will see them outside Seyda Neen, Pelagiad, Buckmoth Legion Fort, Moonmoth Legion Fort,
Caldera, Gnisis, and Ebonheart.

#4. "REAL" Imperial Archers. For some reason, Bethesda named these guys "Imperial Archers" but gave them no faction
or rank, so I changed that and made them Imperial Legion Troopers. They also had very LOW skill in marksman, so I
beefed that up a bit; equipped them with bonemold longbows, and also gave them torches so they don't look stupid
walking around in the dark. I didn't think that was fair for the other guards to have them and not the archers, so
now they have light! :) Also, since most archers will tell you they prefer to use spears when forced to melee combat,
they now carry Silver Spears.

#5. Fixed the orcs and other guards in Gnisis. For some odd reason (perhaps purposely) the orcs and guards walking
around outside Gnisis are all equipped with short blades instead of long blades. Mind you, their short blade skill
is ONLY 7!, whereas their long blade skill is 4 times that, so now they are equipped with the proper weapons. I also
gave the Dark Elf guard near the eggmine a torch. God forbid if he fell off the hill because he tripped in the dark!

NOTE: The LGNPC project, either "Pelagid" or "Seyda Neen" also does what I did in #5, so don't use that with this.
It will CLASH!

#6. Female Imperial Archers have been added to blend in with the Male Imperial Archers. They are higher level, and
dressed a bit different so they stand out as a female soldier should. They also carry lanterns instead of torches.