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Added: 04/01/2014 - 06:10PM
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Last updated at 18:08, 4 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 18:10, 4 Jan 2014

This is a simple mod actually, which changes the travel agents in Morrowind. It only took me
like 4 hours to cover all the NPCs. There's not that many. All Caravaners, and Boat Masters
have been covered. If I missed any, please email me, and I will do an update.

Changes are:

1. They now carry torches, so they don't look so stupid standing in the dark. There's another
mod, "Light The Way" that changes this also, but it uses a script, and there's no need for that
really. This is simple plug and play. I was going to equip the Boat Masters with lanterns, but
the torchers were easier and I think they give off more light, so I decided torches for all. :)

2. Some of the stats of the travel agents have been beefed up. They seemed so weak and helpless.
God forbid they ever got attacked while transporting the PC to a destination. So, I raised some
of their stats a bit and gave them all weapons. Adds realism.

3. I also changed their AI a bit so they may every now and then do something other than just
stand there looking retarded. Not a big change.