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Overhauls Vivec's combat abilities, adding new areas, attacks, and treasure in the process.

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  • Polish
With all the new mods coming out that overhaul Morrowind's final bosses and dungeons, Vivec has found that he's been left in the dust compared to the likes of Dagoth Ur and Almalexia when it comes to combat. So, I've taken the liberty of overhauling old Vehk into a boss fight for the ages, with new abilities, attacks, and locations.
If you want to kill a god, you're gonna have to work for it.

-A completely overhauled fight with Vivec! With new combat behavior like teleportation, cloning, monster spawning, and more, you'll find Vivec to be a five-stage fight that will push your abilities to the very limit!
-New Locations. During the fight, Vivec will teleport you to surreal locations, including the moon. Because we've all wanted to go to the moon, let's face it.
-Muatra! That's right folks. If you can manage to verse Vivec and survive, you'll find yourself with a powerful new... spear, with a variety of powerful abilities!

Copy all the folders in Versus Vivec to your Morrowind/Data folder, then activate the mod.
To begin your fight against Vivec, simply attack him with the weapon of your choice.

During stage two, it IS possible to get blown off the stage and die, in fact, that is the point of Vivec's throwback attack! So be careful when he hits you with those metaphysical realizations!
During stage five, when Vivec fires an ice ball at you, swinging at the right time (with either your hands or any melee weapon) will cause the spell to be reflected back at Vivec, in a game of Death Volley!

This mod heavily modifies Vivec, and the Palace of Vivec. Mods that tweak these areas will be incompatible.
Graphical replacers for Vivec will work, provided they are pluginless.

Vurt, for his coral meshes
Shan, for her skyboxes
Anon, for his muatra model
Mr. Help, for testing