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Poison has always been nearly useless, owing to it's high base cost and the fact that more things resist poison than any other type of damage (including Argonians, Redgaurds, and most Undead) and it is the only type of damage that has an effect specifically meant to counteract it (i.e. Cure Poison).
This mod changes poison into a cheap way to deal damage. It's base cost is greatly reduced, lower than the other Destruction spells. To counter this, more creatures have poison resistance, and more NPCs know Cure/Resist Poison spells or have equivalent potions.

--- Specific Changes ---

Poison base cost changed to 4 (was 9). Note: Fire, Frost, and Shock are all 5, Damage Health is 8.
The Serpent birthsign now grants Poison Resistance (25%) and the spell it grants now does 2 damage per second (was 3) poison damage but also inflicts Weakness to Poison (15%).
The Lady birthsign now has Weakness to Poison (50%). I mean, come on. 50 free attribute points and no drawback? Besides, a lot of ladies I know are terrified of snakes.
Argonians now have a racial power. It deals 1-3 poison damage a second for 10 seconds.
Redguards natural poison resistance has been reduced to 25% (was 75%).

Many creatures have been given poison resistance:
All Netches - the amount varies depending on variety.
Daedroths - I thought it odd they didn't already have poison resistance, seeing as they have powerful poison spells. Anyway, it fit so I added some.
Dremoras (and Dremora Lords, obviously). This includes the few named ones, which are necessary for quests, so be careful if you try to kill one with poison.
Flame and Frost Atronachs (Storm Atronachs already had poison resistance)

Ogrims were given poison weakness. To compensate, their passive health regen has been buffed by a few points.

Other projects more interesting than this one mean it is doubtful I will continue to add to it.

Other info:
Mod is clean, as far as I can tell. I ran it through the Enchanted Editor every time I saved after a batch of changes. I also deleted a few things that I was originally going to use/change but didn't, to keep things uncluttered.
Anybody wanting to change the mod will find all of the spells and potions I added with a convenient “00_” prefix at the beginning of the IDs, so they show up at the beginning. The above list of changes should be enough to find everything else.
You are free to upload this mod to other sites, or edit it and reupload it, or add it to a mod compilation, or whatever. If you do any of these, it would be really cool if you credited me.