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This is an unofficial (but approved by the devs of PC themselves) add-on for Province Cyrodiil's Stirk. Read the long description for more details.

Permissions and credits
Sload Merchant at Stirk By Glisp

Basically, this is a mod for Province Cyrodiil's Stirk. you'll need to have Province Cyrodiil installed to play this mod and you'll need to have Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon installed as well.

Regarding the Sload model, I did not make it. The model was made by lidicus. It may eventually be replaced by a better one but for now enjoy. The Sload can be located off the coast of Stirk somewhere on an island. He's a bit unbalanced for a merchant at the moment and carries 20000 gold, Can teach your PC spells, can do spell making, and can enchant items.

he's non hostile but if you so wish, you can fight him. However, he has some pretty good stats so don't expect him to go down easily.

While he can't use them, he knows Recall and Mark for lore reasons. For right now, he also knows Vivec's Wrath though this will probably change since it interferes with his "Almalexia" topic (he says "Almalexia? What's an Almalexia?")

If you're reading this, chances are you're part of the Province Cyrodiil team as this was intended to be given to them. However, if you downloaded this from a mod site like PES or Morrowind nexus, it's because I decided to release it publicly.

For those of you new to modding, to install this mod, you'll need winrar or 7zip to open the .rar. You'll also need to have Province Cyrodiil Stirk which can be found here:
once those things are taken care of, put the .rar in the data files folder and just right click on the .rar file and click "extract here". you may get a message asking if you want to merge the meshes folders together, hit yes and you should be done.

Just enable the mods from the morrowind launcher and you should be ready to go.

While not my first mod, it's one of my first. It's actually a revamp of a scrapped mod for Tamriel Rebuilt.

Since this is one of the first mods (of two) that I've released publicly, feedback is appreciated. I know there are some issues with this mod. Both balance related and the fact that the model looks like a glorified Ogrim. I also know his head disappears at certain camera angles.

If there is anything else you'd like to give feedback for bugs, additional dialog topic suggestions, general feedback, etc, then fire away, I'll appreciate it.

As for the way the Sload Merchant talks, it's slightly based off of N' Gasta's dialog from Redguard (the only Sload to ever appear in an Elder Scrolls game)

minor bug report on December 13, 2013: When becoming hostile, the Sload merchant's animations mess up for him running towards you and trying to punch you. His spell casting animations work okay though as you can see in the image above. I'm currently working on figuring out the issue so bear with me for a bit and I'm sorry if it annoys anyone.

Another edit: added the missing texture folder. If you downloaded the file, download it again because the Sload Merchant needs his textures. Sorry for any confusion or inconvience this might have caused for those of you that downloaded my mod.