Burmecian Race by Qawsed Asap
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Added: 06/12/2013 - 10:33PM
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Uploaded by Qawsed Asap


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Burmecian Race
Qawsed Asap

This mod add the Burmecian Race. It use the Ungen Race as a base with some retexturing. This was a side project

that never went far and was left rotting in the hard drive, so I might as well just upload this for the heck of it.


Xenn: For the Ungen Race, which was use as a base!
Psychodog Studios: Great bunch for making Better Body possible!
LizTail: For the seamless body mesh from the Argonian!
Ren: The awesome modder that made awesome hair meshes!
Bethesda Softworks: For making Morrowind!
Photoshop and Niftool: For the awesome tools!
You:For actually reading this Readme and downloading this mod!