Keynari and Wolven Hairpack and Fixes by Qawsed Asap
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Added: 06/12/2013 - 08:47PM
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Keynari's Hairpack
By: Qawsed

Hello and welcome to this readme. Basically what this mod does is to add about 5 hair model for the Keynari Race and the Wolven race.

As for the Wolven fix, I notice two error in the Wolven race. One is the neck. The other is the rotating jaw. In the fix folder contains the fix. The meshes folder is for removing the rotating jaw and the esp is to remove the ugly neck.

Currently, both race mods can be found here:

Sabregirl: The awesome modder that made these cute foxes possible in Morrowind!
PhyntosWasp and Sabregirl: The awesome modder that made and enhances the Wolven Race!
Ren: The awesome modder that made awesome hair meshes!
Bethesda Softworks: For making Morrowind!
Photoshop and Niftool: For the awesome tools!
You:For actually reading this Readme and downloading this mod!