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Last updated at 19:57, 25 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 20:03, 25 Nov 2013

An extremely simple, balanced and practical camping mod that seems to actually work! (I made it because sadly I couldn't get Sennenkin's Black Hope Camping to function properly).


If you head to Balmora (this is gonna be original...) and see Clagius Clanler the Outfitter he can sell you 'Fire making materials' and 'Rolled up Bedrolls' (or similar names, the memory escapes me). They should be easy to recognise as they have obvious icons.

Once you have the items, go somewhere in the wilderness. Please, for the love of Vivec, do not just squat in the poor guys shop and build a campfire and go to sleep. It's rude (but I know you will anyway).

Then, place the items (the rolled up bedroll and the fire making materials) on the ground. Activate them (as if you were picking them up) and a bedroll and campfire (respectively) should appear where you are standing.

Then, once you activate the fire, it will magically disappear... and lo and behold, the fire making materials will reappear back in your inventory! Fantabulous! No need to carry a million of those around then. As for the bedroll, you will be given two options:

Rest - Snooze away!
Pack Up - Put it away for another time

When you pack it up it will disappear, and just like with the camp fire, the rolled up bedroll will be returned to your inventory. You can deploy and put away the stuff as many times as you want, allowing you to position your stuff (no-one likes a bedroll sticking out of a rock).


Have some fun with this, it's more aesthetic than practical really, but a good bit of immersion and role playing all the same. If you find any bugs please post them.