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A player owned island, that is lore friendly, and does not give undeserved items.

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This mod adds small island in Azura coast region, which is essentially player owned island, that you can access by boat from Ebonheart (Eon), and Helnim (Aaron).
There are three buildings on the island:
Inn, where you can buy some gear, booze, repair equipment.
Your house, where you have three very spacious chests, and some other containers, to store stuff.
Ana's the shipmaster's shack. (taking from it is considered theft).

Also there are various herbs, and bushes growing around the island, which you can harvest for ingridients, few mudcrabs, and guar.

MGSO users can also have animated grass addon, which i created using Vurt\'s grass generator and textures.

TR Travel (my travel mod)
MW Containers Animated
Graphic herbalism

Just drop Azure_Isle.esp in your data files folder, and enable it in Morrowind launcher.
If you want the animated grass, drop Azure_grass in data folder, and regenerate distant lands using MGSO. After generation is complete, delete Azure_grass from data folder.

Update installation:
Place updats in data files folder after main file, and optional files after update file.
Place contents of in Data files folder, to install the forest of ingridients.
Grass and ingridient optional updates uses Vurts grass and trees, so credit to Vurt for awesome green stuff!