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tl;dr - Download the mod of your choice, put the files in a folder, open the configuration file with the program you choose, JoyToKey or Xpadder, keep the program open while playing the game.

If using JoyToKey version, make sure in the Options menu in the far right under the Show/Hide Buttons box that "Show all axes (8 way + POV x 4)" is the option selected since it won't work well without that optionĀ 
The controls for Morrowind were originally made for a keyboard/mouse and not a game pad, so that is why they don't run as smoothly as the Xbox 360 Controls do for Skyrim.

Within the past few days, I think I may have found a pretty good controller scheme for Morrowind using an Official Xbox 360 Controller (Wired or Wireless) and an application called, "JoyToKey" but keep in mind that if you want to use a Wireless Controller, you will need to get a Wireless Gaming Receiver, so you can get to use it on a PC.

In order to do this, you need to install JoyToKey.

Or buy Xpadder:

Once you download JoyToKey/buy Xpadder, make a folder called, "JoyToKey" or "Xpadder" and put the files that come with the JoyToKey/Xpadder download into the, "JoyToKey" folder or "Xpadder" folder and put that folder into the install directory where the Morrowind.exe/MorrowindLauncher.exe file(s) is located, or on your desktop. Any place it fine, as long as you remember what you named your folder/where you put it.

Once you do that, go to your Morrowind.ini and make sure these, "Background Keyboard", "Use Joystick" and, "Joystick X Turns" are set to 0, since they will make the game act all funky/weird if they're set to "=1". (The Morrowind.ini file is in the main Morrowind directory, so for me, it would be in Steam/SteamApps/Common/Morrowind, and it's type is called, "Configuration settings" and it's titled, "Morrowind".)

For "Background Keyboard" if you leave that line set to "=1" / if you decide to set the "ESC" key to the "Start" key with the Xbox 360 Controller, it will take you back to your Desktop and then proceed to glitch out/crash the game, so that is a no-no.

For "Use Joystick" if you leave that line set to "=1", the controls won't act properly since Morrowind has some controller support by default, just like Oblivion, and buttons like the triggers won't work since the triggers are not supported on Morrowind by default, and most of the buttons won't work if you don't set this to "=0" for whatever reason, and the menus/journals will not work well if you forget to set this value to "=0" because it will combine/mix up the controls from JoyToKey and the Joystick controls from Morrowind, and lead to a big mess, so just remember to set "Use JoyStick" to "=0" to avoid this problem.

For "Joystick X Turns" if you leave that line set to "=1" it will make the trigger buttons act as the camera instead of the right thumb stick, so just keep it set to "=0".

Here's the part where you may be misled. Some people will tell you to change these, "(Joystick Look Up/Down=6) (Joystick Look Left/Right=3)" to, "(Joystick Look Up/Down=0) (Joystick Look Left/Right=0)" but I believe that setting those options to 0 won't work, since when I did that, the Camera/Movement for the Left/Right Thumbstick didn't work properly, so I would change those settings to, "(Joystick Look Up/Down=5) (Joystick Look Left/Right=4)" to make those thumbsticks start working properly.

Once you're done doing those things, you can begin to start configuring your preferred settings for your Xbox 360 Controller on JoyToKey.
I plan on making a version of this mod for Oblivion and Fallout 3 players who use the 360 controller to play these games. In Fallout 3, the controller itself is fully supported by itself, but the catch with this is that if you have a controller plugged into a USB port while playing Fallout 3, you may have realized that you can't use the console alongside a 360 controller without unplugging the controller, opening the console and typing what you have to do in the console window, close it and then plug your controller back in in a rinse and repeat process every time you want these two alongside each other, which is not only a pain in the neck, but also very bad for your USB ports. My file will allow you to use the 360 controller and the console and the same time by tricking Fallout 3 to think that you're using the regular Keyboard/Mouse controls while you're actually using the 360 controller, by utilizing the JoyToKey/Xpadder programs (Which every one you decide to use.) I will make an JoyToKey and Xpadder version of this mod for Oblivion and Fallout 3, similar to how I did it for Morrowind, and you can expect it to be released within the next 2-3 hours, so stay tuned.
In order for this to work, you need to have JoyToKey running in the background while playing Morrowind. I would recommend minimizing the application when playing Morrowind so it doesn't take up space on the desktop).
Thank you, joshking, on my first ever mod endorsement!!!
Thanks to goblinmoshpit for the suggestion on how to fix the moving camera bug!