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This mod adds thousands of generic enemies of various race, class, gender and level combinations to the game world that randomly appear.

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This is my attempt at correcting the problems of the old mod I made years ago called Hostile Attackers. I rushed through the mod and I wanted to do big things without carefully doing all the small things it took to make the mod work. Now after playing Elderscrolls games for so long I have learn more about how to make a better mod. I hope this redeems me as a modder.

This is made from the ground up its a new mod with a better name and should work better than the last mod from years ago.

This mod adds hostile NPCs to hand made level lists in interiors that contain enemy NPCs.
There is a small chance that the player will run into hostiles in the wilderness and other areas since I placed the same type of level lists within default level lists.
They are a combination of race, class, gender, and level and there is about 3,000 of them
to add diversity to them so you won't see the same faces repeatedly. As the player travels the exterior world he/she may run into few hostiles placed at specific places that are clues to interior places that contain more hostiles inside. I tried my best to avoid disturbing quest.

The Hostiles for TR addon.

This is for the Morrowind mainland mod from Project Tamriel/Tamriel Rebuilt addon for The Hostiles. You must have 'The Hostiles.esp' installed for this to work properly.

31 Oct 2013: v1.3 Initial Release
02 Nov 2013: v1.31 Cleaned esp files of problems
02 Nov 2013: v1.4 Included all the necessary resources this time.
04 Nov 2013: v1.5 Better Icons for the robes
14 July 2018: v1.3 Initial Release The Hostiles for TR addon.
25 April 2020: v1.7 Cleaned dirty references The Hostiles for TR addon. Added missing "a_fancy_robe_06.nif" to mod.