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Added: 31/10/2013 - 11:51AM
Updated: 11/11/2013 - 09:36AM

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Last updated at 9:36, 11 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 11:51, 31 Oct 2013

Requirements--Morrowind.esm;Bloodmoon.esm;Tribunal.esm; Or something to enable newer scripts to run on regular Morrowind.Basically either latest patch or A script extender maybe??

--Changes Since Version 1.0--
1.You know honestly I mainly expanded a few Ideas and added one useful script that will probley be seen again in future version's of this mod.Only difference is it wont be the same outcome.

2.I opened a few doors up into the mod this is not a bug so if you enter the room all the way left or right and go through the next door after that and it sends you to either the treasure box room or sleep room dont be alarmed.I have this set up for future updates to expand to yet another room or maybe so location on the map.Not sure either way know its not a bug.

3.Changed the script code for adding gold from the gold bank inside the home.

4.Added a Travelers ring that allows you to teleport to different towns.(Equip to use.)

5.Added another chest for items of your choice.

6.You no longer have to worry about leaving the cube anywhere.Now when you activate one of the two options it returns to your inventory so goodbye to lost cube.

7.All my scripts except for 1 has been re written by and until further notice its compatible with all.

8.I added a weapon spawner to the mod.

9.I started on the Mages Guild Room and Fighter's Guild Room.Both now have doors to the ones that I've found in the game so far.To those thats curious,I do intend on adding the other Guild's/Faction's shortcuts into the mod for now though I'll leave it at these two.

10.The Container's in the mod have a really big increase in there weight limit specially for pack rats.

11. Improved the travelers ring greatly.(My Primary focus for v4.5)

12.Expanded Guild doors in the Portable home.

13.I removed the Ring of traveler's

14.I added a Home Teleporter in place of the semi equipable Ring of Traveler's.

15.I expanded the places you can teleport.

16.I turned the Weapon Spawner Chest into a Item Spawner (See Screen Shot)

17.Some scripts have been modified for compatibility.

18.I added a low class enchanted armor to the Item spawner options.

19.Added more teleportation locations.

20. Made a shrine that is scripted to do some pretty nice things for you.(600+ lines of script type stuff for you.

21. Added locations to the menu and fixed the bug in saving the game after activating the teleporter.
22. The rest are in the readme.
--Personal Note--
Thank you downloader for viewing my mod.I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I have making it function.Script solving can be a drag.You will notice I done things a little different since my first release.I have my reason's why.Do me a favor and show your support please..

Okay so to get this Portable home you'll need to go to Seyda Neen, Lighthouse.Inside there go all the way to the top of the stairs.Look at the bench and admire that Puzzle Cube sitting on it.Go ahead,activate it and let the mod begin.

To my knowledge there is none.